Snehana Abhyangam (Four Handed Massage)

middle 4 handed mass
‘Abhyangam’ is the basic massage in the Ayurveda treatment. The meaning of ‘Abhyangam’ in Sanskrit is oil massage.

‘Abhyangam’ is the application of medicated oil to the body, followed by massage by a trained therapist. The lukewarm Ayurvedic oiling is done by changing into seven different positions. This therapy acts on the whole body on both physical and mental level balancing the doshas.

Benefits of Abyangam:

  • provides relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind;
  • decreases the effects of aging;
  • produces softness, strength, and vigor to body;
  • bestows good vision;
  • nourishes body;
  • increases longevity;
  • benefits sleep patterns;
  • benefits skin;
  • imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body;
  • stimulates internal organs of body including circulation;
  • pacifies Vata and pitta and harmonizes Kapha; and
  • benefits skin dryness.

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1 1/2 hrs: $285