Sacred Stones Massage (Shila Abhyanga)

Sacred Stones

Combines the art of stone bodywork with the ancient science of Ayurveda integrating the use of stones with traditional Ayurvedic Massage, plus a 1/2 hr Animal Magic Card Reading.

  • The therapy is designed to nurture, sooth, warm, nourish and calm the entire person.
  • Warm stones and crystals are laid upon the body following the ancient chakra system.
  • Heated, textured, chilled and silky stones are glided, massaged, spun and edged along the body using warmed organic oils and essential oils specific to the individual dosha.
  • Stones carry healing vibrations and magnetic qualities referred to as “Prana”.
  • The healing energy of the stones is released through clicking and tapping of the stones as well as the use of sound vibration through crystal bowls, Tibetan bells & bowls, and drumming.

This therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment in body, mind and spirit.

It is a very sacred experience and completely beyond just a massage! Book today to discover why…

2 1/4 hrs: $290
2 3/4 hrs: $345


One of our signature therapies. Sacred Stones combines hot stones and crystals on the body with a massage to warm, calm, and relax you completely.

2 1/4 hrs: $290
2 3/4 hrs: $345