Sacred Stones Combo

The Sacred hot Stones combo treatment at Anahata Therapies is blissful!

Experience Ayurvedic Sacred Stones Massage with a 1/2 hr OmVeda Facial:

  • 1/4 hr Consultation
  • 1/2 hr Animal Magic Card Reading
  • 1 1/2 hr Sacred Stones Massage
  • 1/2 hr Mini OmVeda Facial
  • 1/2 hr Rest & Relaxation

The Ayurvedic Sacred Stones massage, which takes you on a journey like no other, is an ancient Indian experience involving energised warmed stones, crystals, massage oils and essential oils – selected specific to your body’s needs. The massage includes chakra balancing and vibrational healing. A mini facial completes this deeply nurturing experience with rest and relaxation time offered in our sacred space to complete your journey and come back into reality.

3 1/4 hrs: $375


The Sacred Stones massage and facial is a truly relaxing experience!

3 1/4 hrs: $375