Post Natal Massage

The six week  postpartum period is a recovery time when your body returns to normal…. Our Post Natal Massage assists with this in a number of ways!

Adequate rest, proper nutrition, plenty of fluids, support, and massage help you to readjust and heal quickly.

One of the most important and universally accepted recovery procedures immediately after birth in the tribal world was massage- for both Mother and child.

A full body Post Natal Massage offers:

  • relief from the aches and pains of muscle soreness
  • wards off fatigue ( a must for new Mums!)
  • promotes rapid healing.

Other benefits of Post Natal Massage in the postpartum period include:

  • facilitating postpartum emotional, physiological, and family adjustments
  • reduced musculoskeletal and organic pain
  • promotes structural realignment of the spine and pelvis
  • helps reorganisation of movement
  • rehabilitation of abdominal skin, muscles and organs
  • promotes recovery from caesarean birth, including healing of the incision
  • relieves muscle strain caused by childcare activities.

Anahata Therapies also offers Infant Massage either Privately or in a Group.

1 1/4 hrs: $135
1 1/2 hrs: $165
1 3/4 hrs: $195


Post Natal Massage assists your body to adjust after birth, promotes proper realignment of spine and pelvis and helps you heal more quickly!
Health fund rebates available.

1 1/4 hrs: $135
1 1/2 hrs: $165
1 3/4 hrs: $195