Marma Facial (Vital Point) Massage

Marma Facial Massage

Marma Point Massage is a type of ‘Mukh Abhyanga’, which uses clears energy pathways in the face and neck. During the facial, Marma Points are massaged with light to medium finger pressure for a relaxing and invigorating treatment.

Herbal oils, creams, pastes or fresh extracts of plants are used in this treatment.

Benefits of Marma facial massage:

  • enhances lymphatic drainage;
  • cures sinusitis problem;
  • cures headache;
  • helpful in acne and dull skin as it improves blood circulation; and
  • glowing and healthy skin.


* Also available as an Add-On treatment.

1 1/4 hrs: $180


Improves circulation and clears skin blockages, acne, pigmentation and relieves tension from the eyes and face.

1 1/4 hrs: $180