Abhyanga (Indian Massage)


Indian (Ayurvedic) Massage is an ancient and traditional massage originating from the Vedas in India thousands of years ago.

In Ayurveda, massaging the body with medicated herbal oils is advised as part of daily life and ritual for wellbeing and longevity.

Abhyanga Full Body Massage:

  • increases immunity;
  • provides energy and nourishment to the entire body;
  • It nourishes all seven dhatus;
  • balances the three doshas;
  • rejuvenates the system;
  • provides strength and virility; and
  • and removes stress and strain.

Abhyanga also improves concentration, confidence, esteem, youthfulness, and relaxes the body.

Massaging Marma points, as part of Abhayanga, promotes the centres of vital energy, enhancing its flow throughout the body and re-aligning the channels and centres of the body-mind.

Ayurvedic Massage therefore balances not only the physical body but also all the subtle bodies – emotional, mental and spiritual.

We pride ourselves on the authentic and traditional use of copious amounts of warmed traditional organic Black Sesame Oil or medicated Dosha Oils (OmVeda or Subtle Energies) which are chosen in line with your specific dosha (i.e. body type) in the Massage.

* You can add this wonderful massage as an ‘Add On” treatment to customise your experience at Anahata Therapies!

Why not purchase a massage series at a discounted price?
1 1/4 hrs series of 3: $390
1 1/2 hrs series of 3: $474

1 1/4 hrs: $140
1 1/2 hrs: $170
1 3/4 hrs: $200 (NOW $170)


Ayurvedic massage relaxes, rejuvenates, calms, and refreshes to rebalance body and mind. And it feels wonderful!

1 1/4 hrs: $140
1 1/2 hrs: $170
1 3/4 hrs: $200 (NOW $170)