Gernetic Facials

Gernetic Facials

Gernetic International established in 1978 by French biologist Albert Laporte, is a revolutionary skin care that harnesses advanced technology to apply nutrition through the skin based on cellular biology research. Mr Laporte discovered that many skin conditions are due to specific deficiencies at the cellular level. For this reason, it is Gernetic’s approach to deliver optimal dosage and combination of nutritional molecules such as amino acids, proteins, peptides, bio-peptides, vitamins and trace elements and plant extracts to assist repair of the damaged skin, to relieve skin conditions and delay the appearance of the aging process. The results achieved are based on the body’s ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells receive nutritional and active molecules.

At Anahata Therapies we take pride in our professionalism and generosity of spirit using our experience, constantly updated technical knowledge and generous product usage in all facial treatments ensuring that you are thoroughly pampered and receive the best possible results.

Acne Facial

This facial is ideal for acneic skins bringing the skin back to normal and improving skin immunity.
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1 hr: $150
Series of 6: $810

Anti-Redness Facial

This facial treatment is designed to calm, decongest, strengthen and nourish capillary walls thus reducing couperose skin (redness) and congestion.
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1 1/2 hrs: $210
Series of 6: $1,140

Clarifying Facial

A treatment specifically designed to help reduce pigmentation spots or to lighten dark skin by regaining a lighter, more even and luminous complexion.
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1 1/4 hrs: $195
Series of 6: $1,050


Extractions of blackheads, milium or pimples are an ADD ON option to any facial treatment.
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ADD ON 1/4 hr: $45
ADD ON 1/2 hr: $85