Jane Iredale at Anahata Therapies


Legendary Skin Care Make Up pioneer, Jane Iredale chats to Jana Carrozzi, the owner of Anahata Therapies.

Jana Carrozzi:                     Jane, what differentiates your product, your makeup from all the others?

Jane Iredale:                      From the other mineral makeup lines  you mean?

Jana Carrozzi:                    Yes.

Jane Iredale:                      Well, I think a lot of things differentiate us.

I think the most important thing is that we have a different point of view from other makeup lines, we’re really all about enhancing the lives of women.

We started out in the medical profession. We started out with plastic surgeons, dermatologists.

They gave a tremendous amount of credibility to our line and they did that because they knew that we’re using highest possible grade in the ingredients, that we have a lot of integrity in how we put them together.

They felt confident about putting them on their patients, so then we gradually moved into aesthetic area.

Of course, now a lot of celebrities use us as some sort of a ‘red-carpet’ makeup, but it’s based, it has that foundation of credibility, that we never stint  on the quality of our ingredients.

I ‘d rather not make a product than have to cut back on something I want to use. So, when I want a result, we use the right combination of ingredients to get that result.

Jana Carrozzi:                     Fantastic. Well, when you use the product, it goes to show how beautiful and amazing your product line is…. Thank you, Jane.