Welcome to Anahata Therapies

“Anahata Therapies” is the Lower North Shore’s first and premiere Ayurvedic Centre located in the heart of Mosman. Anahata Therapies specialises in the “Goddess” – by indulging women (as well as men) with Ayurvedic as well as Western based treatments and consultations, including Ayurvedic Massage, Body Treatments, facials, Body Treatments, Fertility and Baby massage, Meditation and Energetic Healing.

The word “Anahata” is the Sanskrit word for the ‘Heart Chakra’.  It is the place where the soul resides and personal truth resonates.


The inspiration for the centre in fact comes from the ancient Indian healing philosophy of Ayurveda – a philosophy which is now gaining devotees in western society because it focuses on the balance of mind, body, spirit and nature in order to promote optimum health. Healing from the heart is our mantra and philosophy.

This focus on Ayurvedic philosophy is embedded throughout the centre – its treatments, products, materials and refreshments, making Anahata Therapies a highly unique experience on the lower North Shore.

On entering the gates of Anahata, guests immediately experience this important balance of mind, body and nature.  A playful Indian Marble Water Fountain greets you as you wander through an enchanting tropical Buddha Garden. Walk past the Lotus reflection pond and take in the scents of our organic herb garden, used in our treatments, refreshments and dedications.

Enter into the sacred healing space of Anahata’s “Rest & Relaxation”, where we encourage you to spend 1/2 hr after your treatment to complete your experience.

Body treatments are provided in traditionally decorated “Diamond”, “Gold” and “Silver” rooms. Consultations, facials and some body treatments take place in our upstairs haven overlooking the tropical garden in our Indian Inspired Consultation Room.

The Centre offers Ayurvedic Consultations, Rejuvenating and Detoxifying Body Therapies, including Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara, Padhabyanga (Foot Massage), Indian Head Massage, Sacred Stones Massageand Ayurvedic Facials based on the time tested Indian traditions.

Anahata Therapies is also proud to have on board Dr Shivani Verma, an Ayurvedic Doctor who consults and treats from her new, permanent home: Anahata Therapies.

We also offer more traditional Western treatments – Ear Candling, Traditional Massage including Pregnancy, Post Natal, Aromatherapy, Remedial, Lymphatic Drainage and Therapeutic Facials using Gernetic.

To complement the natural skin care ranges that we provide, we sell Jane Iredale Skin Care Make-up, the originator of mineral make-up.

In addition to these therapies, Anahata is also proud to offer regular Workshops & Events, including Ayurvedic Cooking classes, Infant Massage Classes, Meditation Classes and Events supporting and encouraging health and wellness and empowering our valued clients to take charge of their own preventative health care in order to reach and maintain optimum health and wellness on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

Indeed, Anahata’s philosophy is based on achieving optimum health, vitality, and balance for clients by providing a caring, relaxing and nurturing environment with the highest standard of professionalism and service.

We aim to use organic products, materials, foods and cleaning agents, supporting not only the health of our clients but also the health of the environment and Mother Earth. We use eco friendly cleaning agents, we have rain water tanks to water the garden and flush our toilets. We care about the environment and want to maintain this philosophy with all that we do.

Once you are absorbed in the space of “Anahata” you will be transported to a place of tranquility and bliss. The aim is for your complete relaxation and healing at a deep level in the privacy of a home environment. Come and experience Anahata on your own or as a group to celebrate a special occasion or event.

Spring 2017 Ayurvedic Herbal Detox Package

Book this deluxe Ayurvedic Detoxification package that will delight all your senses, help spring clean toxins out of your body leaving your skin exfoliated, hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated. The Ayurvedic Herbal Mask applied as a body wrap acts to detoxify, heal and balance the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated.
This package is made up of the following:

  • 1/4 hr Consultation
  • 1/2 hr Complimentary Dry Body Brush (including take home Dry Body Brush worth $27)
  • 1 hr Ayurvedic Massage
  • 3/4 hr Herbal Body Mask Application, Wrap & Exfoliation
  • 1/4 hr Shower
  • 1/4 hr Moisturizer Application
  • 1/2 hr Rest & Relaxation

NEW Spring Revitalisation Package
Rejoice in Spring’s arrival and the end of Winter. Feel inspired by the blossoms and fresh scents of Spring creating vitality and energy within your being. We have created a NEW Spring blend and package to re-vitalise your senses and body leaving your skin softer, hydrated and rejuvenated.
This package consists of:

  • 1/4 hr Consultation
  • 3/4 hr Full Body Glow Spring Blend Salt Scrub
  • 1/4 hr Shower
  • 1 hr Spring Blend Aromatherapy Massage
  • 1/2 hr Rest & Relaxation
  • Complimentary Spring Blend Salt Scrub 300g (worth $30) to continue your Spring Ritual at home

Spring 1 1/2 hr Abhyanga Massage
Delight in our most popular Anahata Therapies Massage – Abhyanga (Indian) Massage and receive a complimentary 200ml Black Sesame Seed Oil worth $20.

Deluxe Ear Candling Treatment
Spring is the perfect time to have your Ears Candled as part of your cleansing and cleaning practice. It also assists with Spring ailments such as sinus problems, allergy problems, head colds, hay fever, stuffy nose and snoring.

Ayurvedic Nasal Cleansing Package
As both the Spring season & the Kapha Dosha have common properties, we may find ourselves experiencing spring imbalances such as colds, allergies, congestion, sinusitis, weight gain, and depression if we omit to practice regular cleansing rituals. Ayurvedic NASYA treatment is advised to be practiced in SPRING in regular 5-7 sessions intervals to clean the sinuses, clear any allergens and prevent the onset of allergies.


Weekly Cosmic Merkabah Meditations

Join Irene Payne an intuitive energy healer on Wednesday nights at Anahata Therapies, for a unique meditation class which incorporates a weekly astrology reading, chanting, crystals for energy amplification and a combination of meditation practices from different traditions.
Click HERE for more information.

Lama Tendar Healing Workshops in November

Medicine Buddha Workshop with Lama Tendar 2/11/17
Learn how to heal oneself and others through meditation and practice. Don’t miss this special opportunity.

Evening Fire Puja for Clearing Energy with Lama Tendar 2/11/17
The Fire Puja is a meditation ceremony burning the karmic seeds by clearing karmic debts and bringing through wisdom.

Creating a Sacred Space Workshop with Irene Payne 3/12/17

Sacred resins, incense, smudges and essential oils have long been associated with spiritual practice, ceremony, ritual and magic. Join us for this Sacred Space Workshop and learn about the powerful healing properties of these mystical tools.
Click HERE for more information.

Health Fund Rebates available for Remedial, Pregnancy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, with select therapists.